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About The FCCC Archives

Archivist: Beth Lewis
Location: Talbot Research Library
Telephone: 2710

The Archives is located in the Talbot Research Library. Beth Lewis, the Archivist, is available by appointment. Interested users can also telephone or e-mail questions to the Archivist. Materials in the Archives do not circulate outside of the Library, but may be photocopied. Donations of institutional materials are welcomed.

The Archives collection contains:

  • An extensive collection of archival reprints of staff publications
  • The complete collection of the Fox Chase Cancer Center Scientific Reports
  • An extensive collection of archival photographic negatives, slides, and prints from the Special Services Department.
  • An almost complete collection of institutional publications such as SCOPE, NEWSCAST, FOX CHASE LOCAL, and IN TOUCH, plus additional miscellaneous publications.
  • The Archives maintains records, printed and pictorial, of regular and special events such as: groundbreakings, dedications, staff appreciation ceremonies, honor lectureships, teas, and fundraising and social affairs. Also included in the archives are laboratory and budget records, administrative and scientific correspondence, and general materials relating to the history of the Institute for Cancer Research and The Fox Chase Cancer Center.
  • The Archives collects biographical materials on institutional scientists, administrators, physicians, and its trustees.